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Luxury travel and customized trip, concierge services for travel, private events, and a dedicated tour operator to every customer are the key services offered by our company.

Events, Tourism & Services proposes unique experiences in the region that stretches from the Horn of Africa and the Ethiopian highlands to the volcanic expanses of the great East African Rift, all the way to stretches of sand of the Arabian Peninsula.

From orthodox Ethiopia and its buried churches, to the camel caravans and Bedouin cultures, passing through the dhows that once carrie
d myrrh, incense, ‘oud and the slave trade, from one bank to the other, the multi-secular merchant traditions between the countries of the Arabian-Persian Gulf and the Horn of Africa have shaped the cities and the landscapes.

As creators of unique experiences, the founders of Events, Tourism & Services have a personal as well as professional knowledge of this area. With this intimate knowledge of the place, they will give you many ideas that might inspire you to create a luxury trip or for the realization of a truly unique and bespoke personal event.

The motto of Events, Tourism & Services, "Let's create together your experience" leads us to propose to each person, with the highest quality of service, a
 different project at the level of the expectations they have to live an exceptional moment.

Events, Tourism & Services also offers, to those who, for personal or professional reasons, emigrate in this region of the world which is unlike any other, to support them in settling in. The Customized Services Page is for you. 


The founders and leaders

Photo de M.Denis Soriot

M. Denis Soriot,


During 16 years within the French foreign diplomacy, Denis Soriot noticed the difficulty in finding partners available for discussion, able to provide high quality services that are especially suited to discerning travelers for whom luxury and chic is not to be confused with ostentatious. Read more

Photo de M. Houmed Ali Houmed

M. Houmed Ali Houmed,


Founder of the first Lodge in the Republic of Djibouti in 1996 in Bankoualé, Houmed Ali Houmed has long been one of the leading experts in bush circuits in the Horn of Africa. He first made the expatriates based in Djibouti and Ethiopia... Read more