Personnalized Services

Each request is unique. You wish to use the services of Events, Tourism & Services for a specific part of an event you are organizing. Stewardship is at your service. We tailor our offer to your needs.

Our goal is to offer you the solution most suited to your needs and provide you with the guarantee of a secure, optimized and quality delivery. The "services" Department of Events, Tourism & Services provides responsive support to meet your needs.

Faithful to its values, Events, Tourism & Services does well only what it knows well. Furthermore, the "services" Department of Events, Tourism & Services only offers its tailored services to individuals operating or wishing to operate in Dubai or Djibouti, and not, as with the other services offered, for all the countries of the Horn of Africa and the Arabian-Persian Gulf. In its two agencies both in Djibouti and Dubai, it has indeed the human and material resources required to meet most of your requirements with the high quality of service that characterize it. In these countries, it has, in addition, a broad network of partners for the specific needs of everyone. 

Provision of qualified and polyglot staff

Highly dedicated staff at your disposal.

-        Host and hostess, cloakroom attendant;

-        Administrator;

-        Server, bartender, butler;

-        Designer, photographer;

-        Facilitator;

-        Drivers and pilots for vehicles, utilities, boats, speedboats, light aircrafts; car or boat mechanic;

-        Guide, caretaker, gardener, housekeeping staff and child care;

-        Translator, interpreter.