Business Tourism

Nowadays, the world has become the horizon of the company.

We travel in it to prospect new markets, identify new needs, inform ourselves about new products and competitors, meet new suppliers, and deal with new partners. Today the company offers trips to its staff to thank them for their involvement or further motivate them in their work. One takes the opportunity of holding a seminar to organize it outdoors, especially when collaborators are dispersed across multiple company sites. Trainings and exchange frameworks are decentralized to further strengthen the unifying bond between the company and its collaborators.

The countries of the Horn of Africa and of the Arabian-Persian Gulf have been experiencing a daily increasing development for over thirty years. As a consequence of their natural resources, their demographics, their geopolitical positions, their political stability and the strategies chosen for their development, these countries provide many and varied business opportunities.

Last but not least, these are cultures, landscapes, histories and geographies largely unknown which give the visitor a feeling of living an absolutely unique human experience. The discovery of the salt lake (in Djibouti, one of only two in the world), the lava lake of Erta Ale (in Ethiopia, one of the four permanent lava lakes in the world), the sources of the Nile (Ethiopia), the most beautiful mosques (Abu Dhabi, the Emir’s mosque) and more ... will transform your reward trip or your team building training into an assuredly unique collective human experience; the variety of reception facilities available, from palaces to traditional housing, will complete the uniqueness of the human adventure that you will make them experience.