Public Relations - Media Relations

In a world where economy is increasingly regulated, the development and sometimes the survival of businesses depend more and more on the quality of relationships they maintain with governments, institutions and elected officials. Thus, informing these audiences becomes, each day a little more, an absolute imperative, in light of the decisions they have to take on issues of increasing complexity.

The vast network of Events, Tourism & Services in these countries, on an institutional, political, economic, diplomatic, media, military and associative level is a useful relay of influence. For its effective mobilization, Events, Tourism & Services assists you in designing, implementing and monitoring a real public relations strategy.

You are based in the Horn of Africa and the countries of the Arabian-Persian Gulf or planning to get settled there; you have decided to launch a new product, service or project; you want to implement a policy of communication to market yourself or strengthen your company’s name.

Beyond the design, organization and monitoring of business events that may be associated to it, Events, Tourism & Services helps you define and script your communication to your target audience. Writing press releases, producing press kits, broadcasting messages, the appropriate use of social networks, creating promotional tools are obviously at the core of such a strategy that takes into account the specificity of each country’s local cultural contexts.

For specific needs, Events, Tourism & Services has a large number of quality providers specialized, among others, in creating and printing specific communication tools. 

Djibouti / Dubaï / Éthiopie

Public Relations and Media Relations

Monitoring regulatory changes, maintaining constructive, transparent and balanced relationships with the regulator, parliamentary committees, government departments and large agencies and administrations, are part of the expertise of Events, Tourism & Services. At the heart of these PR strategies implemented in the Horn of Africa and the countries of the Arabian-Persian Gulf, is the knowledge of the cultural forces at work, guarantying efficiency.

Giving the right information so that the right decision is taken is our vision of "lobbying": development and management of institutional stakeholders’ files; Defining action plans; Maintaining a relationship; Drafting and writing information notes, white papers, talking points...; Organizing private meetings; Legislative and regulatory developments watch; Information and influence strategies. 

In a context of support to the marketing effort of a company, or to reposition a brand at the center of the media game, the implementation of a strategy for media relations takes on all its meaning. 

Working with the media is an essential tool of public relations. Far from limiting ourselves to the production and diffusion of promotional materials or press releases, even if they are posted on Twitter, Facebook or repossessed by Scoop It, we develop a set of communication techniques meant to create and nurture a relationship of trust, esteem and commitment between a company, a brand and its multiple audiences.

Events, Tourism & Services favors individual and individualized relationships with the media, on a "one to one" basis rather than simple mailings.

Management and monitoring of media coverage is one of the highlights of Events, Tourism & Services.