Customized Services

Every event, every business trip is special. They involve a rigorous and reliable organization. Stewardship is at your service. If you want to use the services of Events, Tourism & Services for only some of our services: we adapt our offer to your needs.

Our goal is to offer you the solution most suited to your needs and provide you with the guarantee of a secure, optimized and quality delivery. The "services" Department of Events, Tourism & Services provides responsive support to meet your need.

Faithful to its values, Events, Tourism & Services does well only what it knows well. Furthermore, the "services" Department of Events, Tourism & Services only offers its tailored services to professionals and companies operating or wishing to operate in Dubai or Djibouti, and not, as with the other services offered, for all the countries of the Horn of Africa and the Arabian-Persian Gulf. In its two agencies both in Djibouti and Dubai, it has indeed the human and material resources required to meet most of your requirements with the high quality of service that characterize it. In these countries, it has, in addition, a broad network of partners for the specific needs of everyone.

First, Tourism and Events Services puts at your disposal a consultancy/assistance on services that takes into account the needs and logistical challenges of your business, your event or of your travel first, on the one hand, and the local constraints and specificities, on the other hand. 


Use the resources of Events, Tourism & Services.

-        Hiring and managing vehicles, utilities, trucks, construction machines, boats, speedboats, light aircrafts for tourism and business;

-        Loan and logistics of promotional vehicle / events buses, advertising vehicle labeling and/or decoration, management and coordination of wheeled equipment as part of a "road show" or a "street marketing" etc ...;

-        Airport transfer;

-        Rental of exhibition space, rental of advertising space, themed decor, providing all types of promotional support (bags, pouches, USB keys...), manufacturing badges, printing program, brochures, flyers, banners;

-        Renting an apartment-hotel, a business office, simple or satellite phones, SIM card loan, renting conferencing and video conferencing systems, simultaneous translation booth, satellite phone...;

-        Supervision (accommodation, catering) of partners, delegations and invited contractors;

-        Making appointments, arranging meetings, organizing trips (accommodation, catering);

-        Coordinating your service providers.

Provision of qualified and polyglot staff

Highly qualified staff at your disposal.

-        Host and hostess, cloakroom attendant;

-        Administrator;

-        Server, bartender, butler;

-        Designer, photographer;

-        Moderator;

-        Drivers and pilots for vehicles, utilities, trucks, construction machines, boats, speedboats, light aircrafts;

-        Guide, caretaker, gardener, housekeeper and child care;

-        Translator, interpreter. 

Administrative procedures

Events, Tourism & Services is here to assist you.

-        Help with your staff’s residence and visa formalities, including expatriates (work, temporary and long-term stay, assistance with formalities relative to health, driving license...) and renewal of document;

-        Assistance with administrative procedures: subscription to electricity, water, gas, internet, phone, mail, bank and handling the payment of bills in your stead;

-        Translating of documents in and from English/French/Arabic;

-        Photocopying, mailing, document scanning, drafting documents, letters...

-        Support for starting a business, obtaining a negative certificate, drafting of bylaws, registering the articles and other documents, tax process and counsel, registration in the commercial register and with the competent authorities, obtaining documents entitling them to exercise, approach with the social security funds and complementary health.

Transversal services

Events, Tourism & Services also provides :

-        Facilitating an induction and discovery course for your employees allowing them to familiarize themselves with their adopted country, its culture, its calendar, its subtleties, its particularities...;

-        Searching for products unavailable on the local market.