The life of companies and international organizations is marked from their inception to their development, and through daily innovations, by organizing events at the service of their internal and external communication : whether it is the launching of a new product, service, or the inauguration of a new space, the organization or participation to a seminar, a fair, an exposition, an annual convention or a meeting of high officials, your company’s, or international organization’s, event must strengthen its image to the internal teams and the external observers.

From concept to implementation, Events, Tourism & Services is a dynamic and innovative structure which commits at the heart of each of your events with the same mindset, that of enabling a new and original experience. With your potential, your project, your history, Events, Tourism & Services commits to surprising you and benefiting to your own renewal for a better reconnection of your teams with your markers, your audiences, your clients, your networks.

With its perfect knowledge of the world of events, its understanding of the chain of business and its specific experience of local cultural context, Events, Tourism & Services brings a unique capacity for creativity, ideas, know-how at the service of your event and your communication strategy, in order to stage your story around your values, your projects and your products.

Because Events, Tourism & Services commits only to that which she has a good knowledge of, it proposes the organization of such events only in Dubai, Djibouti and in Ethiopia. For each event, you will have an event manager dedicated to you only.