Congress - Convention - Conference

A convention, a conference, a congress, by their scale and the size of their audience, which are large by definition, are very important events for the image of a company, an international organization or an academic institution.

Their success is therefore fundamental.

If you receive the responsibility of handling the theme of your convention, congress or conference, two points are crucial here: the running in itself of the conference, which requires significant logistical expertise and a scrupulous attention to detail - from airport welcoming services and even visa modalities to post event follow-up, including transportation and transfers management, location search, coordination of technical services (sound, image, video ...), communication (invitations, credentials, badges, posters, programs, menus ...), with simultaneous translation equipment and interpreters, etc ...

Just as important, dinners, entertainments and spectacles can be planned around your conference… The various departments of Events, Tourism & Services, with their knowledge of local contexts and their networks will answer most of your wishes of organizing around the conference some remarkable entertainments which will permeate the life of your structure but also the memories of your guests.

Communication before, during and around this type of event holds an essential role in its success. Events, Tourism and Services offers to accompany you on social networks, by keeping a blog for your event, a daily bulletin of the conference, the minutes, without neglecting the post-congress, post-conference or post-convention communication actions.

Depending on specific needs, Events, Tourism & Services has a network of quality service providers specializing in the organization of conventions and who will meet the specific needs required for the success of your event.

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