Project and Product Launching

The launching of a product or new service is an opportunity for a company to obtain an important external visibility, in order to reach out to new clients’ awareness and retain old customers. It is also an opportunity, internally, to promote ownership of your project teams and the development of your business. Finally, it is the right time to enhance your uniqueness in the market, compared to your competitors. For an international organization, the launch of a new project is central to ensure its impact, develop its use and ensure its effectiveness.

The innovative nature of your event must reflect each of your new product, service or project, while remaining consistent with your company’s values.

Events, Tourism & Services will help you choose within the wide range of possible events those who will also create meaning. So that through the proposed event, the selected locations, the promotional products created for this occasion, the clarity of the message remains central, as well as its readability and its target(s).

Taking into account the cultural contexts of the countries is hereby your key asset to reach out to your clients, your partners, your teams, and the medias, according to your ambitions in terms of communication and impact.

Djibouti / Dubaï / Éthiopie

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