Seminar - Workshop - Symposium

Seminars, workshops and conferences are recurring moments in the life of a community, whether it be a company, an international organization or an academic institution.

Events, Tourism & Services strives to take into account your long-term objectives.

Beyond the content that belongs to you, it offers a pinpointed and reactive logistics. Having experience with available resources, key people or places, and venues that can hold this type of seminar, workshop or seminar, is a key asset to protect against unforeseen circumstances. The extreme thoroughness of Events, Tourism & Services makes the difference here: transportation and transfers management, location search, coordination of technical services (sound, image, video ...), communication (invitations, badges, posters, programs, menus ...), with simultaneous translation services and interpreters, etc ... everything that ensures the success of the event.

Depending on your specifications, there may also be events surrounding this seminar, workshop or conference: a dinner, an animation, a visit ... The local anchorage of Events, Tourism & Services, its knowledge of local contexts, its political, economic, diplomatic, cultural and associative relationships leave the door open to many possibilities to make this work session a reference moment in the life of your structure, but also in the memories of your colleagues, employees, your customers or suppliers.

An internal and/or external media plan may also be attached, at your convenience, to your seminar, workshop or conference in order to ensure an extension related to your event.

Djibouti / Dubaï / Éthiopie

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