Gala Evening

A gala evening is an opportunity to unite and strengthen the links between your team in a friendly and festive environment. It is an opportunity to build quality relationships with key customers and suppliers. It is the celebration of a project, an event that your company, as part of its cultural patronage or of its corporate social responsibility, has led and supported. Your audience is your employees, partners, policy makers, and associations and cultural leaders.

Innovation has to characterize such a project. Chic, distinction, elegance, originality must undoubtedly be at the heart of your gala evening which should avoid being rudely show-off or displaying ostentatious wealth, which could be out of order depending on the contexts.

From the choice of location to the theme of the evening, including the entertainment and the smooth running of the event at the service of the mood you want to create, Events, Tourism & Services accompanies you by providing you with its knowledge of possible spaces based on your goals, the meaning you want to give, and the level of conviviality and image you want to promote.

Rather than a catalog of formulas and because it offers a fully tailored service, Events, Tourism & Services provides all the services necessary to reach the prestige you want to give your event, in order to dazzle your guest.

Djibouti / Dubaï / Éthiopie

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